1.       ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE:  Action Manufacturing Company, hereafter referred to as AMC, requires an acknowledgment for all purchase orders.  This acknowledgment, in accordance via email or signed purchase order, must be returned within seven (7) days after receipt of order.  In the event Seller furnishes any articles or services called for by this order without having acknowledgement or accepted the order in accordance, with the foregoing such performance by the Seller shall be deemed to be upon all the terms and conditions herein contained.

2.       ALTERATION OF TERMS/PRICING:  Terms of this purchase order may not be modified or amended except in writing signed by a representative of Purchasing through a revised purchase order.  Each shipment received shall only be upon the terms of the purchase order, unless noted as time of quotation.  Seller represents that the price or prices specified in this order do not exceed the current selling prices for the same substantially similar items, whether to the Government or to any other purchaser, taking into account the quantity under consideration. The Seller further represents that to the best of the knowledge, information and belief of the Seller, the prices to be charged for items covered by this order are not in excess of prices permitted by any applicable law or regulations and Seller agrees forthwith to refund any amounts paid by Buyer in excess of lawful amounts. In case of error in the extension of price in this order, the Unit Price will govern.

Supplier must also adhere to the purchase order price from their given quote, for the entire length of the purchase order, unless noted at time of quoting or acknowledgment.

3.       PACKING: Except as may otherwise be required by the Buyer, Seller shall be responsible for safe and secure packing, which ‘must’ conform to the requirements of Carrier’s Tariffs. Seller shall separately number all cases, packages, etc. showing the corresponding numbers on the invoices. An itemized packing slip, bearing AMC purchase order number, must be placed in each container. No extra charge should be made for packaging or packing materials unless authority is expressly incorporated in this order.

4.       DELIVERY: Time and rate of deliveries are of the essence of this order. AMC reserves the right to cancel the order and reject the goods upon default by Seller in time, rate or manner of delivery. AMC also reserves the right to refuse shipments made in advance of the schedule of deliveries appearing on the purchase order. Delivery shall not be deemed to be complete until goods have been actually received and accepted by AMC, notwithstanding any agreement to pay freight, express or transportation charges; and, except as may otherwise be provided herein, the risk of loss or damage in transit shall be upon the Seller. The rights and remedies of the Buyer provided in this clause shall not be exclusive and are in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under the purchase order. Note: per AS9100 delivery is monitored on a regular basis, and may be included if scorecard is generated.

5.       INVOICES: Within twenty-four (24) hours after shipment of materials, Seller must mail AMC, at the “Bill to” address shown on this purchase order or email to the following: A separate invoice for each shipment in duplicate together with two copies of a packing slip; this original Bill of Lading, or Original Express Receipt all bearing the AMC order number. Invoices shall be properly certified in accordance with AMC requirements. On all shipments where freight is to the account of AMC and prepaid by the vendor, the vendor will submit an invoice for the freight charges, showing the AMC order number, together with two copies of the receipted freight bill.

6.       PAYMENT TERMS: Unless otherwise stated on the face thereof, net bills will be paid within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice or the day of receipt and approved inspection of material or completion of service, whichever is later. We do NOT do COD’s.

7.       CHANGES: Changes made by written notice to the Seller, AMC unilaterally make changes within the general scope of this agreement in the work or services to be performed, the materials to be furnished, the method of shipment or packing and/or the time or place of delivery. If such changes cause an increase or decrease in price or lead time, Seller must inform AMC immediately or withing seven (7) days in writing.  Nothing contained in this clause shall relieve the Seller from proceeding without delay in the performance of this order as changed. Changes will be noted on a revised purchase order.

8.       Warranty: Seller warrants that the articles furnished hereunder are free from defects in materials, workmanship and fabrication, and that all merchandise delivered and services rendered shall be of the quality, quantity, size, description and dimension specified and shall be strictly in accordance with AMC specifications, drawings, and approved sample, if any, and suitable for the purpose designated. These warranties shall survive acceptance and payment, and shall run to AMC, its successors, assigns, customers and the user of its products and shall not be deemed to be exclusive.

9.       INSPECTION REJECTION: (a) All articles and services are subject to inspection and test at place of manufacture and destination or at place of performance or at either of said places AMC representatives provided; however, failure to inspect  and accept or reject supplies shall neither relieve the Seller from responsibility for such supplies as are not in accordance with the contract requirements nor impose liability on AMC therefor; (b) AMC reserves the right to reject and receive full credit for any articles or services which are defective as to material, workmanship, quality or otherwise, or which are not in conformity with the specifications, drawings or sample approved by AMC. Without extra cost to AMC, Seller will immediately, upon receipt of written notice from AMC, replace or refinish all rejected articles or services, including the material damaged because of unsatisfactory packing by Seller. Rejected articles shall not be submitted for acceptance without concurrent notice of their prior rejection. Rejected articles will, after notice as aforesaid, be returned to the Seller and at the expense of the Seller. Upon receipt of written notice of rejection, Seller may advise AMC of any preferred routing               for return of rejected articles and whether shipment should be protected by insurance or full declaration of value. In the absence of advice from the Seller regarding return shipment, AMC reserves the right to declare full valuation or insurance (whichever is applicable) for the benefit and at the expense of the Seller. Notwithstanding anything herein contained to the contrary, AMC reserves the right to reject within a reasonable time after receipt at ultimate destination such articles as are found to be defective as to material, workmanship or quality or which have been damaged because of unsatisfactory packing or are otherwise not in conformity with requirements of the contract. Suppliers are responsible for meeting all identified requirements from the Action Manufacturing customer contracts and purchase orders. Suppliers are required to follow requirements of AMC and customer drawings, specifications, contracts and purchase orders including (a) use of statistical techniques, when specified, (b) maintain design and development controls when design and development is part of the contract or purchase order, (c) perform tests, inspections and verifications, including process verifications when these are identified on the contract or purchase order, and (d) inspect critical and key characteristics identified to the requirements of the purchase order and contract. If parts are NON CONFORMING to specifications or drawing, Seller must inform Action Manufacturing as soon as possible. 

10.    ASSIGNMENT AND SUBCONTRACTS/ APPROVED SOURCES: This order shall not be assigned or transferred without prior written approval of AMC. Seller agrees that it will not subcontract the furnishing of any of the completed or substantially completed articles or services required by this order, without written approval of AMC. AMC must be notified of any changes to processes, products or services, including changes of their external providers or location and to obtain AMC approval prior to implementing changes. No assignment of money due or to become due hereunder shall be binding upon AMC until its prior written consent thereto is obtained.

11.    AUDITS-RECORDS: In the event this purchase order exceeds $10,000 the contractor agrees to maintain the records pertaining to the costs and expenses of this agreement, to the extent and in such detail as will properly reflect all net costs, direct and indirect of labor, materials, equipment, supplies and services for which payment is made hereunder. The Seller agrees that AMC shall, until the expiration of three (3) years after final payment under this purchase order, have access to and the right to examine, audit and/or reproduce any directly pertinent books, documents, papers and records of Seller involving transactions relating to this order. Seller shall keep documents for a period of ten (10) years after which documents should be shredded.

12.    CONTINGENCIES-SUSPENSIONS-CANCELLATIONS: AMC reserves the right at its option to either suspend shipments of materials covered by this order or to cancel this order in whole or in part, at any time where such suspension or cancellation is caused by government order or other requirements, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, acts of the public enemy, inability to secure transportation, facilities, strikes, differences with workmen, accidents at plants of AMC, acts of AMC subcontractors or Defense Priorities and Allocation System(DPAS) Regulations, or other law or order or regulation or other contingencies beyond control of AMC.

13.    DEFAULT-BANKRUPTCY-CANCELLATION: AMC may cancel this order in whole or in part at any time by written or telegraphic notice whenever the Seller shall default in performance or shall so fail to progress in the work so as to endanger performance except that the purchase order shall not be terminated for such default where the default is due to causes beyond control of the Seller and without its fault or negligence. In the event that AMC terminates this order in whole or in part as provided herein, it may procure upon such terms and in such manner as it may deem appropriate, supplies or services similar to those terminated and the Seller shall be liable to AMC for any excess costs for such similar supplies or services. AMC may cancel this order forthwith by written notice if the Seller shall become insolvent or make a general assignment for the benefit of creditors, or if a petition under the Bankruptcy Code filed by or against the Seller. The rights and remedies of AMC provided in this clause shall not be exclusive and are in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under this purchase order.

14.    TERMINATION: Performance under this contract may be terminated in whole or from time to time in part by the Buyer in accordance with the termination clause set forth in SEC 52.249-2 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), as in effect on the date of this order, which clause is hereby incorporated herein by reference. The provisions of this clause shall not limit or afflict the rights and remedies of the Buyer as stated in other clauses of this order, or provided by law in the event of default or breach by the Seller.

15.    RESPONSIBILITY FOR PROPERTY: (a) Unless otherwise provided by in this order, Seller upon delivery to it, or manufactures or acquisition by it, of any materials, parts, tooling or other property the title to which is in the Buyer or the Government, assumes the risk of and shall be responsible for any loss thereof or damage thereto. Seller in accordance with the provisions of this order, but in any event upon completion thereof, shall return such property to Buyer in the condition in which it was received except for reasonable wear and tear and except to the extent that such property has been incorporated in terms delivered under this order, or has been consumed in normal performance of work under this order. In the event Seller is furnished Government-owned property for use in connection with this order, Seller shall establish property control procedure in accordance with the provisions of the “Federal Acquisition Regulation, Section 45” entitled “Government Property” as in effect on the date of this order; (b) AMC shall retain title to any designs, sketches, drawing, blueprints, patterns, dyes, models, mold, tools, plates, cuts, special appliances and materials furnished by or paid for AMC in connection with this order. They shall be recorded and identified as property of AMC and retained by Seller on consignment subject to examination by AMC. They shall be at the Seller’s risk and shall be replaced by the Seller if lost, damaged or destroyed. They shall be maintained in good condition at the Seller’s expense and kept insured by the Seller with loss payable to AMC. Such facilities shall be used exclusively in the production for AMC of articles required by the order, and shall not be used for production of larger quantities than those specified herein, or in the production, manufacture or design of any article for any other person, without prior written consent. Such facilities shall be subject to disposition by AMC at any and all times; and, upon demand, they shall be returned to AMC, including any unused materials furnished by AMC and all spoiled or defective materials or products which contain any secret or patented device, unless AMC shall otherwise direct. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as imposing any obligation on AMC to furnish any such facilities.

16.    INDUSTRIAL LAWS: Seller, in the performance and pricing of this order, shall comply with the provisions of all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, rules and ordinances, including, without limitation, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended, and the occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, as amended, and agrees, upon request, to furnish Buyer a certificate to such effect. All laws and regulations required in agreements of this character are hereby incorporated by this reference including provisions of executive orders 10925, 11141, 11246. 11375 and 11598 as amended and any subsequent executive orders relating to equal opportunity for employment on Government contracts and all rules and regulations of the president’s committee on equal employment opportunity.

17.    TAXES: Except as otherwise provided herein and unless prohibited by statute, the Seller agrees to pay any federal, state or local sales tax, use tax, transportation tax, or other excise tax, custom duty or levy, including foreign taxes, which may be imposed upon the articles, supplies or services ordered hereunder by reason of their sale, performance, use of delivery. To the extent that the materials, supplies and services furnished hereunder are purchased for or on behalf of the U.S. Government, the Seller agrees that the federal, state, local or foreign taxes from which said supplies are exempt shall not be included in the prices charged for said items and must be shown separately in Seller’s invoice.

18.    PATENTS: Seller agrees to defend and hold harmless AMC, its customers and those for whom AMC may act as agent, from all claims, liability, loss, damage, or expense, including counsel fees arising from or by reason of any actual or claimed trademark, patent, or copyright infringements, or any litigation based thereon, with respect to any part of the articles or services furnished hereunder, whether by reason of their sale or use, except for those for which AMC furnished complete specifications. Such obligation of the Seller shall survive acceptance of goods and services and payments therefor by the Buyer.

19.    CONFIDENTIAL RELATIONSHIP: Seller warrants the Goods do not infringe or constitute an unauthorized use of any (i) United States or foreign letters patent (ii) trade secrets or (iii) confidential information, and Seller agrees to defend, at Seller’s expense, all claims, suits, actions, or proceedings, in law or equity, against Buyer, its successors, assigns, customers and users of any of the Goods, or any of them, for actual or alleged infringement. This clause does not apply when Action Manufacturing is ordering goods and/or services in accordance with its own designs and specifications. Seller agrees to treat as strictly secret and confidential all specifications, drawings, blueprints, nomenclature, samples, models and other information supplied by/to AMC. Unless the written consent of AMC is first obtained, Seller shall not in any manner advertise or publish or release for publication any statement mentioning AMC or the fact that the Seller has furnished or contracted to furnish to AMC articles or services required by this order, or quote the opinion of any employees at AMC. The Seller shall not disclose any information relating to this order to any person not entitled to receive it. Confidential/proprietary information includes tooling to supply parts, drawings, gage designs, gages, inspection equipment, test equipment and inspection plans and procedures that apply to any part/item of Action Manufacturing.  Proprietary materials shall not be used for the production of larger quantities than those specified in our purchase orders, or for the production, manufacture or design of any article for any other person or company.  AMC’s proprietary materials are subject to our disposition at any time and, upon demand, you must return them to Action immediately. 

20.    SET-OFF: AMC shall have the right at any time to set-off any amount owing from Seller to AMC or to any of its associated or affiliated companies against any amount due and owing to Seller within the respect to this order.

21.    NOTICE OF LABOR DISPUTES: Whenever an actual or potential labor dispute is delaying or threatening to delay the performance of this order, Seller shall immediately give written notice thereof to AMC.

22.    PRODUCTS, METHODS, AND MANUFACTURING PROCESSES: Any unpatented knowledge or information concerning the Seller’s products, methods, or manufacturing processes which the Seller may disclose to AMC incident to the manufacture of the goods covered by this order shall, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, be deemed to have been disclosed as a part of the consideration for this order and the Seller agrees not to assert any claim (other than a claim for patent infringement) against AMC by reason of AMC’s use or alleged use thereof.  AMC suppliers are expected to ensure that its employees are aware of (a) their contribution to product or service conformity, (b) their contribution to product safety, and (c) importance of ethical behavior. Seller expects a quality management system in place of ISO 9001 latest version.

23.    SAFETY/CODE OF CONDUCT/RESPONSIBILITY: The Seller shall take all necessary precautions to prevent the occurrence of any injury to persons or property during the progress of work hereunder and except to the extent that such injury is due solely and directly to AMC’s or its customer’s negligence, as the case may be, the Seller shall indemnify AMC against all loss which may result in any way from any act or omission of the Seller, its employees, servants, agents or subcontractors. The Seller shall maintain Public Liability (bodily injury and property damage) and Employer’s Liability and Compensation Insurance in such reasonable amounts as will protect AMC from said risks and from any claims under any applicable Workmen’s Compensation and Occupational Disease Acts. AMC is dedicated to high standards of business ethics.  AMC adheres to all arms and export controls as established by our Government.  In addition, AMC is dedicated to fair labor standards and does not support any definition of  modern slavery.’ AMC expects our suppliers to adhere to all export control laws and fair labor standards.

24.    MODIFICATION: This order contains all the terms, conditions and provisions of this transaction and no agreement or other understanding in any way modifying the conditions hereof will be binding upon AMC unless made in writing and executed by AMC. No terms or conditions at variance with this order proposed by Seller in acknowledging or accepting this order will be binding on AMC unless accepted in writing and executed by AMC. No charges beyond the contract price herein specified will be allowed except with AMC’s written consent. No waiver of any of the provisions contained in this order shall be valid unless made in writing and executed by both parties. Failure of AMC to insist upon strict performance shall not constitute a waiver of any of the provisions of this order or waiver of any other default.

25.    INVENTIONS: If this order is for experimental, development or research work, the Seller agrees to and does hereby grant to AMC for practice throughout the world, all right, title and interest in and to each invention conceived or first actually reduced to practice during performance of this order, and Seller agrees to promptly furnish AMC written disclosure of each invention.

26.    COMPLIANCE WITH FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL LAWS: Seller warrants that in the performance of work under this order, it has complied with or will comply with all applicable Federal, State, Foreign, provincial and local laws and ordinances and all lawful orders, rules and regulations thereunder, including, but not by way of limitation, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 as amended (29 U.S.C. Sec 201-219) and insofar as applicable to this order, the Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act as amended (41 U.S.C. Sec 34-45), the Davis Bacon Act (40 U.S.C Sec. 276a) or the Eight Hour Law of 1912 as amended (40 U.S.C Sec. 324326) and all lawful rules and regulations thereunder. Seller agrees that this warranty may be considered as the certificate contempt by Section 7 of the amendment dated October 26, 1949, to the Fair Labor Standard Act of 1938 (29 U.S.C. Sec. 212). At request of AMC, Seller will furnish certificate to the effect that it has complied with the same.

27.    GOVERNING LAWS: This contract shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

28.    CONFLICT IN TERMS AND CONDITIONS: In the event of a conflict between the printed terms and conditions of this purchase order and any typewritten terms and conditions which may appear hereon, the latter shall prevail.

29.    FACILITY INSPECTION: AMC, its customers and regulatory authorities reserves the right to inspect your facility and processes. 



Action Manufacturing Company is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity and to compliance with all federal, state and local laws concerning discrimination in employment. To this end, our company ensures equal opportunity to all employees and applicants regardless of race, color, creed, ancestry, handicap or disability, age, sex, national origin or veteran status. The policy of equal opportunity will be observed with the respect to all employment practices including, but not limited to, recruitment, job assignment, transfer, company-sponsored, training, re-employment, compensation, benefits, promotions, terminations, social and recreational programs. We believe equal opportunity is not only consistent with good business practices but, more importantly, it is a moral concern and obligation for each of us. The Human Resources Manager has been appointed as Coordinator for the Company’s Equal Opportunity Programs. Any questions regarding our equal opportunity policies should be directed to the Human Resources Manager.


The following additional provisions apply when this order is issued pursuant to a U.S. Government contract as indicated by the Government Contract Number on the face of this order. Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and all required subcontract provisions of the FAR listed below are incorporated herein by reference to the extent applicable, and Seller agrees to comply therewith. Effective date of a FAR clause incorporated into this subcontract/purchase order by reference shall be understood to be the same date as the date of the respective FAR clause in the Government prime contract, the number of which appears on the face of Buyer’s Subcontract or Purchase Order, whichever is applicable hereto. Whenever necessary to make a FAR clause applicable to this Order, the term ‘contractor’ shall mean ‘Seller’, the term “Contract’ shall mean ‘This Order’, and the terms ‘Government’, ‘Contracting Officer’, and equivalent phrases shall mean ‘Buyer’, provided, however, that use of such terms shall convey audit, data and patent rights only to the U.S. Government. Please note that many clauses listed below are self-deleting according to the amount and type of procurement.


FAR                       TITLE

52.248-1          Value Engineering

52.227-11            Patent Rights – Retention by Contractor (Short Form)

52.246-2               Inspection of Supplies – Fixed Price

52.222-21        Certification of Non-Segregated Facilities

52.249-2           Termination for Convenience of the Government (Fixed – Price)

52.249-8           Default (Fixed – Price Supply and Service)

52.225-11        Certain Communist Areas

52.222-4          Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act – Overtime Compensation/General

52.222-20         Walsh-Healy Public Contracts Act

52.222-26        Equal Opportunity (over $10,000)

52.203-5            Covenant Against Contingent Fees

52.227-1            Authorization and Consent

52.227-2            Notice and Assistance Regarding Patent and Copyright Infringement

52.222-37        Affirmative Action for Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam Era (over $10,000)

52.222-35        Affirmative Action for Special Disabled and Vietnam Era Veterans

52.222-36        Affirmative Action for Handicapped Workers (over $2,500)

52.225-3           Buy American Act – Supplies

52.222-1          Notice to the Government of Labor Disputes

52.227-10        Filing of Patent Applications – Classified Subject Matter

52.227-8           Reporting of Royalties (foreign)

52.227-9           Refund of Royalties

252.227-7017    Rights in Technical Data – Major System and Subsystem Contracts

252.227-7018    Restrictive Markings on Technical Data

52.204-2            Security Requirements

52.219-8          Utilization of Small Business Concerns and Small Disadvantaged Business Concerns

52.219-9          Small Business and Small Disadvantaged Business Subcontracting Plan (over $500,000)

52.215-1           Examination of Records by Comptroller General (over $10,000)

52.212-8          Priorities, Allocations and Allotments

52.220-3          Utilization of Labor Surplus Area Concerns

52.220-4          Labor Surplus Area Subcontracting Program (over $500,000)

52.245-17        Special Tooling

52.245-18        Special Test Equipment

52.215-2          Audit – Negotiation

52.222-28        Equal Opportunity Pre-Award Clearance of Subcontracting

52.225-10        Duty-Free Entry

252.225-7008  Duty-Free Entry – Qualifying Country End Products and Supplies

52.208-1          Required Sources for Jewel Bearing and Related Items

252.208-7000    Required Sources for Miniature and Instrument Ball Bearings

52.244-5          Competition in Subcontracting

52.215-24          Subcontractor Cost and Pricing Data

52.215-22        Price Reduction for Defective Cost or Pricing Data

52.230-1          Cost Accounting Standard, Notices and Certification

52.246-23           Limitation of Liability

52.246-24           Limitation of Liability- High Value Items

252.208-7001    Required Sources for Precision Components for Mechanical Time Devices

52.210-5            New Material

52.210-6            Listing of Used or Reconditioned Material, Residual Inventory and Former Government         Surplus Property

252.235-7004  Frequency Authorization

52.228-5          Insurance Work on Government Installation

252.204-7005  Overseas Distribution of Defense Subcontracts (over $10,000)

252.228-7007    Safety Precautions for Ammunition and Explosives

252.228-7006   Accident Reporting and Investigations Involving Aircraft, Missiles and Space Launch Vehicles

252.225-7012    Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals (over $10,000)

252.225-7011  Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals – Major Items

52.247-63        Preference for United States Flag Air Carriers (International air travel)

52.223-3          Hazardous Material Identification and Material Safety Data

252.208-7002    Required Sources for High Purity Silicon

252.208-7003    Required Sources for High Carbon Ferrochrome

52.230-3          Cost Accounting Standards (clause)

52.230-4           Administration of CAS

52.230-5           Disclosure and Consistency of Cost Accounting Practices

52.230-6           Consistency in Cost Accounting Practices (applicable to UK)

52.212-13        Stop Work Order

52.223-1           Clean Air and Water Certification

52.214-4          Place of Performance

252.223-7002  Change in Place of Performance – Ammunitions and Explosives

52.247-64        Preference for Privately Owned U.S. Flag Vessels

52.249-2          Termination for Convenience of the Government (Fixed Price)



METALS (Except Aluminum)

This would apply for Raw Material, Vendor Manufactured Parts, Metal as part of an assembly provided by a vendor, Wire as part of an Insulated Wire, Die Cast Parts, Extruded Parts, Springs, Metal Strapping, etc.


·         Chemical Analysis required for Material.

·         Certificate of Conformance required in addition to Material Analysis when vendor manufactures parts.

·         Physical Test results have not been required to date, the one exception has been First Article Submissions.


·         Material Certifications listing Min., Max. and Ranges of Specification Requirements, not Actual Test Results have been accepted for production. First Article Submissions have required Actual Test Results on some contracts. This will have to be individual determinations per contract. This will, in most cases, require Action to have an Analysis performed as most Aluminum suppliers do not provide Chemical Analysis.

·         Certificate of Conformance required in addition to Material Analysis when vendor manufactures parts, i.e. Machining, Die Casting and Extruding.


·         Chemical Analysis required for Material, may include results for Specific Gravity, Viscosity, Purity and Melting Point, etc.

·         Certificate of Conformance required in addition to Material Analysis when vendor manufactures parts.


·         In most cases a Certificate of Conformance will be enough. One exception is Steel Strapping, usually requires Chemical Analysis

METAL FINISHES (Plating, Passivation, Chromate, etc.)

·         Certificate of Conformance is acceptable which states Finish Number and Specification (i.e. Finish of Mil-Std 171). Specialty finishes such as Gold, have added requirements for Pre-Treatments, Purity and Thickness. Drawing requirements such as Hydrogen Embrittlement and special washes must also be stated on Certificate of Conformance.


·         Certificate of Conformance is acceptable which states parts are Heat Treated to XX-XX Hardness Range. In some cases, usually Aluminum, a Heat-Treating Specification must be stated.

·         Physical Test results have not been required to date, the one exception has been First Article submissions.


·         A Vendor who provides an end item (Material, Manufacturing, Heat Treating and Plating) must satisfy all the requirements for Material, Manufacturing, Heat Treating and Plating on Certification and/or Chemical Analysis.


·         Certificate of Conformance is acceptable which states Manufacturer/Supplier, Part Number or Code Number on item drawing.


·         As Chemicals are a composition item, Analysis is almost always required.


·         Like Chemicals, these are composition items and will almost always require Analysis.




1.       Each certification must be backed up by objective quality evidence whether it be material analysis, test results, calibration, or some other application; supporting data must be on filed and available.

2.       Each certification must be traceable to the data. Identification of the data, and its location, should be part of the certification. OQE may be in prime contractor files or referenced on certificate with complete identification and location in supplier’s files.

3.       Each certification must be traceable to the material which it covers. Identification must be made on certification by lot number, batch number, serial number, or other means of identification.

4.       Each certification should be signed by a legal authorized representative of the company. Since the company is liable in case of misrepresentation, the signature should be a level of authority high enough to represent the company legally.

Unless otherwise directed by Action Manufacturing Company, certified material test reports must contain the following:

A.      Name and address of supplier (of the material)

B.      Purchase order number (issued to the supplier)

C.      Identification of material by specification, revision, amendment and date, together with type, grade, size, etc.

D.      Quantity of material by lot number, melt, etc.

E.       Test results identified by reference to the requirements.

F.       Quantity tested, sample size, and specimen type.

G.      Date, signature, and title of the authorized representative of the contractor that is attesting to the accuracy of test report content.

NOTE: Certified material test reports will list actual test results.

Blanket statements are not acceptable.

Material received without an acceptable certification is of no more use to Action Manufacturing Company than if the material was not received/shipped at all, for it cannot be released for use in the manufacture of Action Manufacturing Company product until an acceptable certification is received. DCAS prohibits this; therefore, for discount purposes date of receipt is considered to be either the invoice date or the certification’s date, whichever is later.